About United Sigma  

Founded in 2000 by a group of highly successful entrepreneurs, United Sigma was originally a financial vehicle specializing in small to mid sized private capital investment. The company has successfully invested internationally in real estate, high technology and retail business with exceptional return to the investors. 

Upon the initial success in equity investment, United Sigma has expanded its business to financial and strategic advisory services. To date, the company has a team of talents. Professionals of United Sigma possess MBA and Ph.D. degrees from world-class universities and have worked for top tier consulting and investment firms. In addition, the close relationship United Sigma has cultivated with the government in Far East enables the firm to prosper together with the booming economy in China, India and Mid-East.


Mission Statement  

United Sigma supports client-driven strategic business initiatives, helps clients make key financial decisions, advises mergers and acquisitions, and improves corporate governance with highest level of expertise and professionalism.

Let US power your business!






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